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Trying to keep a company running smoothly – not to mention profitably – can sometimes feel like spinning plates, especially if you are constantly switching between software programs just to keep everything on track.

Book Keeping

Book Keeping Services

General Ledger Updates

  • Recording backlog financial transactions
  • Recording day-to-day financial transactions

Accounts Payable – Money Out

  • Recording and analyzing purchases and bills
  • Tracking due payments
  • Sending email notifications for post-dated cheques
  • Escalating overdue payments

Accounts Receivable – Money In

  • Creating sales invoices
  • Tracking invoice collections and sending email notifications
  • Escalating delayed invoice collections

Bank Reconciliation

  • Comparing the recorded transactions with the corresponding transactions on the monthly bank statements
Financial & Management Reports

Management Reports

Overall Revenue
Historical Revenue
Fund Availability
Invoice & Collection Graph / Status Details
Project Delay / Project Schedule Summary

Financial Reports

Balance Sheet and Trial Balance
Profit & Loss Statement Report
Ledger Reconciliation
Comparative Revenue
Financial Ratios
Transaction Statistics

Customer / Supplier Reports

Statement of Account
Aging of Accounts
Summary / Overview

Stock Reports

Warehouse Stock
Minimum Stock Level Products
Pick List
Dead Stock / Inventory
Active Purchase Order