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Trying to keep a company running smoothly – not to mention profitably – can sometimes feel like spinning plates, especially if you are constantly switching between software programs just to keep everything on track.

International Trademark Registration

International Trademark Registration

  • Trademarks are such crucial assets for businesses that their development and management process becomes increasingly complex. itialuS provides International Trademark Registration services managed by expert Trademark consultants and attorneys, ensuring a personalized approach and timely results. International Trademark Registration is the process of registering a trademark abroad and obtaining protection in one or more countries through a single application.
  • This process can be made easier with the Madrid Protocol system, a registration process administered through the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). This system allows companies to apply for multiple regional trademarks in one go, so that a single application can be used to file for trademarks in over 90 countries. It is also possible to add more countries to the registration at a later date. Other benefits include the swift and relatively cost-effective nature of the procedure.
  • Whether you need to register your trademark in a single country or obtain worldwide protection, our consultants and trademark team will help you develop an approach that best fits your brand(s) and business.